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Event: Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Analysis in the Petroleum Industry



Date(s) - 3 Jun 2012
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM




The objective of this workshop is designed to develop the expertise of the petroleum industry engineers and scientists in the area of risk/uncertainty analyses and their relation to decision making process within the petroleum industry arena and related economies. This approach improves their skills to utilize all available information about the hydrocarbon accumulation and other related economic tools in depicting a realistic projection of the oil & gas ventures worth with a sharp eye on the chance of business success. It will also provide an overview of the methodologies, philosophies, data required, interpretations and procedures employed to reach specific goals. Case studies and strategy developments through utilizing traditional and non-traditional techniques will be exercised during the workshop. Monte Carlo simulator is used for risk analyses.

After completing this workshop, participants will understand uncertainties surrounding the petroleum industry and consequently the magnitude of risk taken to invest in this industry. They will learn how to identify, quantify, and analyze risk parameters contributing to risking any of the decisive key economic indicators, like NCF, IROR, Pay Out Time, Maximum Exposure, Maximum Surplus, STOIIP, GIIP, Revenue, RF, CAPEX, OPEX, Oil & Gas Prices etc. Also, they will be comfortable to use at least one of the commercial risk analysis simulators (Monte Carlo), ex: @Risk, Crystal Ball, etc.

Duration: (3 working days)
Date: 2-4 April
Course Location – UA – Abu Dhabi

Date: 2-4 June
Course location – Turkey – Istanbul

Who Should Attend

The workshop assumes no previous knowledge of uncertainty, risk analysis or decision analysis; although preliminary to intermediate knowledge of exploration, production and development of oil and gas fields are required. Advanced knowledge is a plus. The course is designed for professional petroleum industry personnel. Both upstream and downstream industry will benefit from the workshop.

The Instructor

Dr. H.A. Belhaj has 30 years of combined petroleum industrial and academic experience with key qualifications in drilling engineering, well completion, reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, modeling fractured reservoirs, well stimulation, sand production control technology, and petroleum economics and risk analysis. Geographically, his experience is spread over North America, Europe, North Africa, Far East, and the Middle-East. He published over 80 papers and two books on different issues related to petroleum engineering. Also, He participated four provisional patent disclosures that have direct applications to the oil industry (BP America has sponsored one). Dr. Belhaj is currently a faculty member at The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi. Previously, he served several faculty positions with Texas Tech University, Texas, Dalhousie University, Canada and other international universities and institutions. He also worked for S.M.A.R.T. Inc., Canada, Schlumberger International, and the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) as well as several part-time and consultation jobs for different academic and industrial organization worldwide. Dr. Belhaj is a registered professional engineer and active member of several professional societies and organizations around the globe. Dr. Belhaj is providing training and consultations services to the oil

industry for the last two decades. He is an active member of ongoing OBC program; a dedicated year-round training program for oil industry engineers in UAE sponsored by ADNOC and Opco’s. He has presented over 50 guest speaker lectures, seminars and workshops for oil industry and academia covering different aspects of the petroleum industry.

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