Raseel finds it extremely important, not only to offer our professional services to esteemed establishments, such as yours, but also to maintain high customer satisfaction throughout all the projects that we deliver.

That is why; we try to fulfill the needs of our customers by offering the highest quality professional training available in the Middle East. This is usually done by following these steps.

First: the training packages.

We strive to offer the most powerful and relevant material we could arrange for. This is usually done by consulting with professional institutes and publishers to gain access to the material that fits the needs of our customers. In case the material is not available, we consult trainers and professionals whom have had previous experience in delivering such courses. These materials are then scanned for the best fit for the purpose of the training.

Second: the trainers.

Our trainers go through a strict selection process in accordance to two major criterions. We select our trainers after reviewing their professional background to insure their practical knowledge of the courses they deliver, as well as their academic qualifications. We realize that delivering training courses is different than teaching at an academic institution, and that is why we insist on the professional experience.

Third: the accreditation process.

As part of our mission, is to promote high quality training programs, we strive to strike partnerships with highly esteemed accreditation institutes around the world. Hitherto, we have established working partnerships with Cambridge University in the UK, ACCA The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, as well as many other universities in Canada, UK, and the USA. For our certificates to be issued by these institutions, the following process was established:

  • Trainers were selected and trained.
  • Course materials were established and chosen.
  • Materials were accredited by the institutes.

For the accreditation process itself, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Material is permitted by the certificate issuing institute.
  • Trainers are accredited.
  • Trainees are registered and fees are paid prior to the training course.
  • Training is delivered.
  • Trainees sit for an internal or external exam, depending on the certificate issuing institute.
  • Certificates are issued to trainees who pass the exam.

In addition to our pre-approved courses, we can also establish accreditation for any course required by our customers for additional processing fees in accordance with the rules and regulations of the certificate issuing institute as long as the customer is welling to be responsible for the accreditation costs and fees.

Fourth: customization.

We at Raseel understand the diversity of needs different customers have for the dissimilar circumstances each of them have. We appreciate that each client has a unique situation and special needs that need to be fulfilled by the training party. Thus, we offer the opportunity for our clients to customize the training courses we offer to best fit their needs for no additional cost. The customization includes but not limited to the following aspects:

  • Language of the course material.
  • Language of the course delivery.
  • Content.
  • Length of the training.
  • Place of the training.
  • Duration of the training.
  • Accreditation institute.
  • Certification.
  • As well as many other aspects.

Fifth: Training Methodologies.

We realize that trainees have various needs. We also understand that they can lose interest in the training course easily, not to mention focus and attention due to many reasons if the training course was not designed to motivate and inspire them. Hence, we design our courses with the trainees in mind. We consider the following factors:

  • Trainees needs.
  • Trainees learning styles.
  • Motivational factors.
  • Ice-breakers and energizers.
  • Participation motivators.
  • Role playing.
  • Case studies.
  • Educational games.
  • Mind twisters.
  • Practical application.
  • Linkers to real-world and situational objectives.

Sixth: Our guarantee.

Many of our clients ask themselves, and they have all the rights to do so, why should we hand our business to Raseel? The truth is, we understand how difficult it is to outsource such projects. We also understand the need for being so critical about the quality. So, we offer our money back guarantee to back up all of our courses. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with any of our courses, then it is 100% free of charge. We will even handle all the fees for travel and expense for our trainers when the training is outside our base country in the Middle East.