Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission from day one was to establish a business that follows fair and ethical practices that guarantee the best products and services... Read more »

Our Vision

To harvest the international training and technological resources and present... Read more »

Our Guarantee

Many of our clients ask themselves, and they have all the rights to do so, why should we hand our business to Raseel? Read more »

Our Main Focus

Our main focus on customer satisfaction continues to drive customers to come back for further training. Read more »

Welcome to Our Company

At Raseel, we pride ourselves as training providers of many ministries around the Middle East as well as some of the largest educational institutes and universities across the region. Our main goal of customer satisfaction, has guaranteed us the recurrent business of our clients through out the entire region.

Raseel is a leading Oil & Gas industry training and consultation provider

Our long experience with our E & P industry clients created a mutual understanding and quick response to their needs. Our clients rank us on the top to provide training and consultations in the following areas:

- Petroleum engineering for none petroleum engineering
- Drilling engineering for none drilling engineering
- Reservoir modeling and characterization
- Modeling of fractured reservoirs
- Basic reservoir engineering
- Basic drilling engineering...Read More»

Training as a way of corporate life

Training has proved its importance over the years to the point that it became a fact of life for almost every organization around the world...Read more »

Latest News

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